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The (further) development of sports surfaces is of great value to the sport. There are many aspects play a role in this development: requirements of the athlete, new insights, athlete and surface interactions, material availability, cost, environmental friendliness, sustainability, etc.
Happy Feet aims to continual innovation of sport floors.
In order to do these will be continually working with various suppliers of materials, testing institutes, researchers, athletes, sports federations, municipalities, associations and managers of sports fields.
With many years of innovation experience, knowledge and skills and with the network Happy Feet will bring the innovation in sports flooring forward.

Currently we are working on innovation of sports flooring:

  • Water storage in sports fields;
  • Extremely lightweight (to) build sports fields;
  • Stabilize top layers of non grass fields (sand fields);
  • Tennis: developing a vastly improved gravel (-like) tennis court;
  • Foundation (artificial turf) pitches.

These innovations are done in-house, (partial) on behalf of other parties (suppliers, etc.) or designed in cooperation.

Results of recent times:

  • Water and sports: Sports field with water storage (in sub base) to save water and reuse water for drinking, sprinkling or other purposes. See as example GreenSource – Drinking Water and Sports;
  • Hockey (turf): free hockey rubber construction for fully and partially filled artificial grass hockey sand inclusions and structures for water fields (wet): All systems are developed and certified FIH;
  • Netball (artificial): rubber free netball construction: system is developed, certified and build.

Our service is custom tailored to your needs and driven by the passion to achieve a good sports facility to benefit the athlete.