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Artificial landscape grass at Cloverleaf Aruba and Abu Bakr Street (Old airport road) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA) has assigned Happy Feet sports systems for this remarkable project. The Cloverleaf, as designed by landscape architect Eduard Gevers from Bödeker Partners, has been covered by a checkerboard pattern of artificial grass with an aero plane flight path (sculptural element) and circular boundary wall. There more than 160.000m2 artificial grass rolled out on the cloverleaf.

ADA made a call on the expertise of Happy Feet for:

  • the technical design of the artificial grass;
  • the specification of the artificial landscape grass (including UV aspects);
  • the design of the base construction, fixation details of the grass, infill etc;
  •  the writing of the tender document: Artificial Turf Surfacing (section 02790);
  • guidance and advice during the tender stage;
  • supervision during the installation of the artificial grass;
  • maintenance instruction for the artificial grass on the Cloverleaf.

This work was carried out to full satisfaction of the client (ADA).