Denby Dale

Denby Dale

Denby Dale Tennis Courts in overflow area of river

Denby Dale Tennis Club is a tennis club located in a meander of the River Dearne in Denby Dale in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. The redevelopment of these tennis courts was not straightforward: there was no vehicular access to the site and all materials and machinery had to be lifted over the river. The Environment Agency would not allow the court surface to be raised more than a few centimetres because the courts acted as an overflow area for floodwater.

Together with the project partners Happy Feet sports designed and supervised the solution to the problems. This solution comprised a lightweight plastic sub-base replacement layer which rested on top of the accurately levelled sub surface of porous limestone laid above the original shale court surface. The plastic sections were easily taken over the footbridge. The sections allowed high infiltration and drainage so that should flooding occur, water would flow though the sections and not over the surface. Further, the sections allowed heavy rain to infiltrate rapidly resulting in little disruption to play.

“Without this solution based on the Permavoid system’ it would have been very difficult, if not impossible, to have redeveloped the courts: an ideal solution.” as indicated by Denby Dale Tennis Club.

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